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Dozens of innovative tools and resources are at your fingertips.
This page is your gateway to the entire family of Turning Point products, designed to place the latest innovations in public health right where you need them: in your hands, ready to use. You'll find everything from comprehensive planning tools to publications to curricula to Web sites filled with useful information and more. Developed by experts and hands-on practitioners, these resources can make the vital work you do every day easier and more successful.
Here is a comprehensive index of resources, tools, and links in alphabetical order:
Summaries from two summits on leadership
A self-guided tutorial that outlines fundamental concepts
A step-by-step CD-ROM planning tool and resource library
For use only when training others in the use of CDCynergy-Social Marketing Edition
For use only when training others in the use of CDCynergy-Social Marketing Edition
A review of literature relevant to collaborative leadership
An interactive overview of collaborative leadership
A customizable, seven-module curriculum that includes the Fundamental Concepts
Six questionnaires for exploring and assessing personal leadership behaviors and skills
Web-based instructions for building support and learning networks
A four-part model for integrating performance management activities in public health
A user-friendly guidebook that covers all the basics of performance measurement in public health
A Web link to a consensus set of public health informatics competencies
A tool for assessing public health information technology systems
A report detailing the information technology used and rated by local health departments
A publication with budgeting tips, sample job description, resources, and more
Information on the current status of public health law reform in each state
A publication that provides background related to the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Lessons learned from pilot tests
Training materials for use in workshops and other learning settings
A resource of public health agency practices available as a PDF or searchable online database
A look at the current use of performance management in public health
Two PowerPoint slide presentations about the Performance Management Collaborative
A tool for assessing strengths and weaknesses of your performance management system
An online resource public health agencies can use to compare IT systems for health improvement
A case study about the changes to Alaska’s public health law
A brochure with information about health challenges and suggested resources for addressing them
Social marketing case studies rated for strengths and weaknesses
A brochure that shows how social marketing can help you develop more effective health programs
Includes a slide presentation for teaching social marketing basics
A poster with a summary of social marketing principles and resources
A comparison of public health laws
Twenty-one states that have participated in Turning Point detail their experiences
A draft model emergency public health powers law
This is a collection of informative briefs related to public health law
An overview of the State Public Health Law Assessment Report
A baseline assessment of practices in forty-seven states
A video of a one-hour television program
Profiles of the current public health environment in each of more than twenty states
A comprehensive model for reviewing public health law
Designed to assist your organization in selection, acquisition, and rollout of software applications
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Health Challenges
Health Services
State Stories
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