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This page illustrates how in twenty-one states the Turning Point process has sparked public health innovations. With support from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, significant improvements in public health have been made by statewide partnerships representing local communities, businesses, hospital corporations, nonprofit groups, minority coalitions, religious organizations, and many others.
When you learn more about the transformative changes supported by Turning Point initiatives, you'll recognize many of your own challenges — and you'll learn strategies you can implement to create effective change in your own organization.
Read more about these successes:
Twenty-one states that have participated in Turning Point detail their experiences

Read more about health efforts in states:
Profiles of the current public health environment in each of more than twenty states
A baseline assessment of practices in forty-seven states
A report detailing the information technology used and rated by local health departments
Lessons learned from pilot tests
A comparison of public health laws
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