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Collaborative Leadership Learning Modules: A Comprehensive Series
This series provides skill-building instruction for developing the capacity for collaborative leadership. The series of seven modules is adaptable for learners with different levels of experience and can be customized to meet the needs of your group. (Please note that the videos, which are used in selected exercises in the learning modules, are not included on this CD-ROM because of size limitations. You may order a copy of the videos by contacting Turning Point.)
Introduction [PDF]
Assessing the Environment
Powerpoint Slides [PowerPoint]
Creating Clarity
Powerpoint Slides [PowerPoint]
Building Trust
Powerpoint Slides [PowerPoint]
Sharing Power
Powerpoint Slides[PowerPoint]
Developing People
Powerpoint Slides [PowerPoint]
Self Reflection
Powerpoint Slides [PowerPoint]
Other Components of the Manual
Front Matter [PDF]
Manual Cover [PDF]

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