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About Turning Point

Turning Point is a collaborative effort between state and local public health agencies, national public health organizations, and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Turning Point has ended its formal program period, but the work of Turning Point and its influence continues in many areas.

At the heart of Turning Point are efforts to transform public health so that it achieves the goals of preventing disease and injury, protecting the public from threats to health, and promoting healthy behaviors. Individuals and organizations from different sectors in many communities and states have come together through Turning Point to create a public health system that works smarter and better. At the national level, Turning Point collaborates with other public health organizations to help realize the Institute of Medicine's vision of a strong and effective public health system.

The Turning Point National Excellence Collaboratives were created in response to requests from public health professionals for big-picture change in five key areas: collaborative leadership, social marketing, information technology, performance management, and public health law modernization.

Turning Point CD-ROM Toolkit
More than 100 public health resources are included on a free CD-ROM now available from the Turning Point program. The Turning Point CD-ROM Toolkit contains planning tools, publications, curricula, links to Websites, self-assessment questionnaires, and much more.

The resources included in the Toolkit were developed in response to professionals in national, state, and community organizations who requested help in the five important areas, Collaborative Leadership, Social Marketing, Information Technology, Performance Management and Statute Modernization. Through the generous support of The Robert Wood Johnson Fondation, Turning Point is able to offer these resources at no charge while supplies last.

Partner Organizations

Strong partnerships are a key to the widespread success of Turning Point and its National Excellence Collaboratives. In addition to the more than twenty states that have participated actively, numerous national public health organizations have been engaged as partners, lending expertise, connecting to their memberships, working with Turning Point to develop products, and more. Although it is impossible to name and thank all the Turning Point partners, here are links to several of our most vital partners.

About the Turning Point National Excellence Collaboratives

Collaborative Leadership
Collaborative leadership embraces a process in which people with different views and perspectives come together, set aside narrow self-interests, and discuss issues openly and supportively in an attempt to find ways of helping each other solve a larger problem or achieve broader goals. It is an evidence-based strategy that has proven particularly effective in public health planning that involves multiple stakeholders who share a common interest. Visit the Collaborative Leadership Website for information, resources, and links of interest:

Information Technology
The mission of the Information Technology National Excellence Collaborative was to assess, evaluate, and recommend to national policy makers innovative ways to improve the nation's public health infrastructure by utilizing information technology to effectively collect, analyze, and disseminate information. Visit the Information Technology Website to access the online catalog, and for other resources, and links of interest: www.infotechnet.org

Performance Management
Performance management is the practice of actively using performance data to improve the public's health. This practice involves strategic use of performance measures and standards to establish performance targets and goals, to prioritize and allocate resources, to inform managers about needed adjustments or changes in policy or program directions to meet goals, to frame reports on the success in meeting performance goals, and to improve the quality of public health practice. Visit the Performance Management Portal section of the Public Health Foundation Website for information, resources, and links of interest: www.phf.org/infrastructure/phfpage.php?page_id= 52&pp_id=52

Statute Modernization
The primary purpose of the Turning Point Statute Modernization National Excellence Collaborative was to transform and strengthen the legal framework for the public health system by development of a model public health law. The model state public health infrastructure law defines governments' duties and authorities for protecting and promoting the public's health, and is available for state legislatures' consideration. For more information, resources, and links of interest visit: http://www.hss.state.ak.us/dph/improving/turningpoint/nav.htm